New stuffs…

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Since my schedule has opened up, I’m making more art…

Some are works in progress…

Some decide to be finished all of a sudden…

Creativity soothes the savaged soul…


And so it begins…

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This my new toy:

I am taller than this thing…

But when I want to paint the bottom:


This is gonna be FUN!

Let Freedom Ring.

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Had a dramatic past 2 days as my Fella of the past 5 months and I broke up & he went crazy, took my house key, and abandoned me in Murphys, CA.

With the help of my friends (who are SO STELLAR, I can’t even tell you…) he didn’t get into my house and he’s all kinds of gone, so Happy Independence Day.

I have finished a few pages recently…




And I have multiple works in progress:




It’s back to work tomorrow, but otherwise my schedule JUST opened up, so there’s more time for art now…


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So, we had a Tri-wizard Tournament at my library today.

I was the timekeeper for the obstacle course.

Professor Stencil

Art Teacher.


On a windy day…

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I took my 2nd nephew to the Pirate Festival at the waterfront.

We had a Turkey leg and people watched…

I got henna just cuz I hadn’t yet. I have much ink, so this isn’t too much commitment for me…

And I was watching Despicable Me 3 when the power went off, so…

Do I ROCK a Saturday night, or what?


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I took my bestie, Judy, the Point Richmond city yard sale on Monday and we had a BLAST!

Among other adventures, we met, and bought these treasures from, the stamp lady…

I have many stamps that I want to use more in my art…now including these.

And then I received my stencil order from today…


Livin’ la vida stencil, y’all!

Also, I’m now working on a spread using a Peaky Blinders quote:

“Everyone’s a whore…we just sell different parts of ourselves.”
– Tommy Shelby

And THEN…I received another postcard!

From Canada!

Art Rules!

Photos or scans?

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So…up until now I’ve exclusively taken photos of my journal pages, but I wanted to find out whether scanning would be better.

Photo 1:

Scan 1:

Photo 2:

Scan 2:

Photo 3:

Scan 3:

Photo 4:

Scan 4:

I just don’t know if scanning is worth it…