I’m on vacation.

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Today is my 49th birthday.

I am currently visiting my very best friend (since high school) in Oklahoma.

Anjo (Andrea to others) has 2 beautiful/amazing/kind children and she shares her Mom with me. She is the sister of my heart.

We’ve been camping & thrift store shopping & laughing & talking and I believe there will be cake tomorrow.

(That’s my Bestie and me)

I’ll be home on Friday, where I’ll work on this some more:

Yes…this is where I left it…but the steps to get this far make me VERY happy…


No pictures.

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It seems that a large part of my art practice is that I make art in public and semi-public places.

Laundromats, bus stops, coffee shops, trains/buses/cars/airplanes, work meetings, community meetings, doctor’s office waiting rooms, etc…

The thing is, I do this…write/draw/color/collage/stick whatever into these books…to help ME…it calms me to have this to focus my eyes & hands on….it helps me listen better…but I’m realizing that many other people rarely, if ever, see folks MAKING art.

I was lucky enough to be exposed to art very early (in books, of all things!) but I don’t recall seeing folks MAKING art anywhere around, in public.

My family made/makes art of many kinds…music: both parents sang; Dad sang lead in a Barbershop Quartet in his younger days, and he always sang for me…Mom was endlessly practicing for another church choir solo…my brothers play the drums, flute/piccolo/sax, and keyboards, respectively…2 brothers paint/draw, the other, like me, works with words…everyone was/is creative…my Mom was a seamstress, and could/did make many things textile…my big Bros made/make amazing model train layouts…

I saw my folks being creative at home, but not out-n-about. Maybe, seeing someone “in process” of making art in random places will be a good thing for others to see?

People I don’t already know almost never “interrupt” me while I’m out somewhere, putting things in my books…most everyone waits until I make eye contact before they speak, or even wait for me to speak first.

I like answering questions about my art sometimes…I think that most anyone can Art Journal…it will just be their view/hands in it instead of mine. I say that anyone can do this, they just can’t do it exactly like me.

Currently, I seem to be in a cursive writing phase in my journals. I’m really OK with that, I just wish my handwriting was a beautiful as my Mom’s.

Contrarywise: Another part of my art is the fact that my books get super beat up, being carried around in my artbag… but that deserves photos…


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So, a guy at work told me I reminded him of Velma from Scooby-Doo.

I said, “Really? Jinkies!”


So, I had fun at my monthly Teen Art program on Tuesday, where we played with some watercolors…so I put that watercolor piece in a book…

I got the chance to talk with my newest volunteer, and she told me she likes this page, that it looks like a forest…

I can kinda see a forest, but I wonder what it will be in the end…

I’m done with this, and, obviously, am also too much…

But I keep putting things on these pages and that makes me happy, so imma keep doing it…

I’m still working on my Journal 52 pages…

When I finally make marks on that big ol’ canvas, I’ll let all ya’ll know.

(I plan to incorporate my ex’s self-portrait into the piece…wonder what’s gonna happen…)

2.5 weeks until my vacay…

New stuffs…

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Since my schedule has opened up, I’m making more art…

Some are works in progress…

Some decide to be finished all of a sudden…

Creativity soothes the savaged soul…

And so it begins…

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This my new toy:

I am taller than this thing…

But when I want to paint the bottom:


This is gonna be FUN!

Let Freedom Ring.

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Had a dramatic past 2 days as my Fella of the past 5 months and I broke up & he went crazy, took my house key, and abandoned me in Murphys, CA.

With the help of my friends (who are SO STELLAR, I can’t even tell you…) he didn’t get into my house and he’s all kinds of gone, so Happy Independence Day.

I have finished a few pages recently…




And I have multiple works in progress:




It’s back to work tomorrow, but otherwise my schedule JUST opened up, so there’s more time for art now…


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So, we had a Tri-wizard Tournament at my library today.

I was the timekeeper for the obstacle course.

Professor Stencil

Art Teacher.