Introducing the Hobbits

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I would be remiss if I did not introduce my Hobbits, Merry & Pippin, to Y’all.
They are brothers, littermates, and incredibly devoted to each other.
I originally wanted two kittens so that they could keep each other company while I was at work. A friend of a friend had a pregnant cat and I claimed two, sight unseen. I got the call on February 23, 2007 that there were 5 kittens, so I said I wanted 2. As soon as I hung up the phone, I got the call from Danny about Horatio, but I had committed to taking 2 kittens, so there it was.

Under the chair...
Under the chair…

I got them about 6 weeks later and brought them home to meet H. They hid under the recliner often (until they got too big), would crawl out when I got home, looking sleepy and bewildered, and spent time annoying Horatio and charming me.

Mommy is home
Mommy is home

Mariadoc Brandybuck:

Merry - Baby pic
Merry – Baby pic

Merry had a grey mark on the top of his head that disappeared as he got older…he’s now my huge, thick, son. Everything about him is thick…His fur, his tail, his body…he moves like a big cat and he’s my buff boy.
His nickname is “Big Boy” and it fits my great white hunter!

Big Boy
Big Boy

Peregrin Took:

Pippin with attitude.
Pippin with attitude.

Pippin was a pale cream color as a kitten, but darkened to a deep, seal-point brown by age 2. He’s always had the amazing blue eyes of a Siamese and has had more than his share of attitude for his whole life. He will head-butt those he loves to get them to pet him and his purr sounds more like a snore. I either call him “Baby Boy” or Blue Eyes” and he only wants to be pet on HIS terms.

Blue eyed boy.
Blue eyed boy.

Merry and Pippin are very close siblings…it would be cruel for anyone to separate them from each other.

Baby Hobbits
Baby Hobbits

That concludes the introductions of my much loved, furry children.


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