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New stuffs…

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Since my schedule has opened up, I’m making more art…

Some are works in progress…

Some decide to be finished all of a sudden…

Creativity soothes the savaged soul…


Let Freedom Ring.

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Had a dramatic past 2 days as my Fella of the past 5 months and I broke up & he went crazy, took my house key, and abandoned me in Murphys, CA.

With the help of my friends (who are SO STELLAR, I can’t even tell you…) he didn’t get into my house and he’s all kinds of gone, so Happy Independence Day.

I have finished a few pages recently…




And I have multiple works in progress:




It’s back to work tomorrow, but otherwise my schedule JUST opened up, so there’s more time for art now…


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So, we had a Tri-wizard Tournament at my library today.

I was the timekeeper for the obstacle course.

Professor Stencil

Art Teacher.



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I took my bestie, Judy, the Point Richmond city yard sale on Monday and we had a BLAST!

Among other adventures, we met, and bought these treasures from, the stamp lady…

I have many stamps that I want to use more in my art…now including these.

And then I received my stencil order from today…


Livin’ la vida stencil, y’all!

Also, I’m now working on a spread using a Peaky Blinders quote:

“Everyone’s a whore…we just sell different parts of ourselves.”
– Tommy Shelby

And THEN…I received another postcard!

From Canada!

Art Rules!

Photos or scans?

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So…up until now I’ve exclusively taken photos of my journal pages, but I wanted to find out whether scanning would be better.

Photo 1:

Scan 1:

Photo 2:

Scan 2:

Photo 3:

Scan 3:

Photo 4:

Scan 4:

I just don’t know if scanning is worth it…



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I have stated that I’m working in 7 (seven) large (9×11-ish) journals, all at the same time, right?

So, it works out that I finish pages in waves…

(That’s a Rob Thomas song, (Paper Dolls) off his album, The Great Unknown.

Love Rob Thomas music. I’ve seen Matchbox Twenty and Rt solo a couple times, and I LOVE his songwriting and voice. I loves me a good singer/songwriter

This song makes me think of my ex.

This is from The Perks Of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky.

I think of some folks when I read this….

Finished this today, sitting on a bench on Georgia street after lunch…

This is uncharacteristic of me, in that it is so sparse…so severe…

But this bad boy goes out to my last TWO exes.

This is Joan of Arc.

’nuff said?

Packing for travel

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I’m leaving for the annual PLA (Public Library Association) conference in Philadelphia tomorrow, but as I am sorting the contents of my art bag, I had to finish a couple things…

Its to be snowing in Philly tomorrow and Wednesday.

Please send WARM mojo for my California self…