Things collect themselves together…

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Am happy recipient of five (5) postcards!

The first to arrive…from The City*.

* “The City” is San Francisco,  if you don’t know…I didn’t, for a REALLY long time…

This did come from Kodiak, Alaska. Stamps are too cool.

This little piece of happy came from a tiny (!) town called Kneeland, Ca (up near Eureka). and this has stamps too! But that’s not the theme…

I don’t know where this is from. I could probably figure it out, but why? The email address, as written, is: scribblescribble@hotmail

The card is amazing, tho. It’s thick with collage medum/shellac/whatever, and the machine sewn frame completes me.

And then there’s this…

What the fuck, y’all? How am I supposed to process all of this? Honestly. The colors, composition, crackle meduim…I’m dead.

From Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Way to go, Canada .

Now, you know I use the camera on my galaxy 5 for all this, so my photos lack a certain…quality…and the light in my apartment after work in late November is notably lame on a rainy day, but DAMN!

Beige/gold/tan with red touches theme much? It’s like these strangers talked amongst themselves…!

Heh. whatever.



Where HAVE you been?!?

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No post for A YEAR? No art?

She don’t call? She don’t write…?

Yes. I HAVE been making some art, I moved away from the desert and changed jobs (out of prison, WOOT!), and I’ve had cancer…

So…I moved from Brawley, CA (Imperial County, the ass end of the state, almost to Mexico) to Vallejo, CA (North-East Bay area, trees, water, PEOPLE!), and I’m still (ALWAYS!) a Librarian, but instead of working in a Level 4 Men’s Prison, I’m the YA Librarian in a public Library now. So far, they LOVE me here.

I get to got to school events and be a Library cheerleader (VERY good at that) and I control the Teen Area of my downtown Library. I help folks find the information they need every day. I RULE, y’all!

Yeah, breast cancer. My Sister-in-law had breast cancer surgery in July and all she asked of me was that I get a mammogram, so I did in August 2015, and they found stage 1 cancer in my right breast. I had/have great doctors and pretty damn good health insurance through both my old and new employers, but the move in November did create some delays in my treatment plan. I had surgery at the end of January where three small masses and two lymph nodes were removed. I make as many jokes about “Frankenbewbie” as I can, and I am so very lucky that a test now exists to determine whether chemo will even help before ya go for it, and for me, chemo would do no good, so I did not have to do it.

I had radiation treatments throughout April (NOT fun), and now I take an nifty anti-cancer pill that messes with my temperature gauge. I’m in the, “cancer isn’t actively trying to kill you right now/any cancer cells that are hanging about are being dealt with/take a million tests so we can keep an eye on EVERYTHING” stage of my treatment, and the only other thing I have to say on the subject is:


So…Yeah…been busy, but I am getting ready to do SO MANY THINGS. I am getting my art room organized here in my new place so I have BIG plans…It has been a bit of a downsize from my place in the desert to my little city Aerie, but I am really loving it here and there’s nothing wrong with me weeding out things I do not need to keep. I’m on the second story of this 2-apartment duplex; There’s a nice lady, her daughter and daughter’s boyfriend living downstairs and we each have our own little patch of a back yard, and MINE has a nice set of redwood-deck-style stairs down to it. There is a huge tree in my back yard and another out front, perhaps I can figure out what type of trees they are sometime? The cats love to look out the windows even more than I do and the light up here has a magical angle to it at times…

I do really love it here! I’m about a mile from the Vallejo Ferry at the waterfront so my neighborhood includes the arts area downtown where the farmer’s market is every Saturday morning. This town is just one of the prettiest I’ve ever lived in.
There are projects I’m working on, art I want to make, places to wreck, people to do…

While I have done practically nothing in my art journals since last summer until recently, I have tried to keep my hand in the paint, so to speak. I participated in iHanna’s postcard swap last fall (had them sent to my Sister-in-law’s address, as I was moving at the time), did the spring swap, and I just finished my postcards for the this year’s fall swap. Also, I FINALLY (seriously, I’ve had it for about 20 years!) redid my telephone “lefty” table,

and I painted my square tray a nice dark denim blue & lined the bottom with collaged cigar bands.
I’ve already had 5 of the 6 craft programs I set up at my library this fall, but I gotta get more folks to attend…We did origami, weaving, duct tape, and Art Journaling. Since my library is in the Art District, so we aught to expand on that.

More to come…

…trust me.


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I TOLD you this place was giving me cancer…


“Travel photos”

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I’ve been out & about for most of June (17 days in Kansas & Oklahoma, 5 days in San Francisco) and I am JUST getting unpacked, laundry caught up, cat affection overloaded…

I’m going through my photos and I have some to show you…

These are “background” shots of random surfaces in Alcatraz prison and on Alcatraz island. I got to tour the prison on 6/26 with a couple of Librarian friends and it was SO COOL, and not JUST because I got to wear blue jeans in a prison!


Elizabeth and Me.  If you get the chance to go most anywhere with a Librarian (or 7!) DO IT!


This is the spot that got me started on being the weird girl, taking pictures of walls and floors, at Alcatraz.


This is a GLORIOUSLY chipped-paint wall in the chow hall. It’s like cloud pictures, where the more you look at it, the more you “see.”


This is a floor in a “pass through” and the marks are from grenades thrown by the US Marines when the prisoners took over part of Alcatraz in 1946.


This is the floor in the chow hall. If I had not seen this section, I would not have known that the worn “floor” was covered in sealed canvas-like material.


Here you can see the different layers…red canvas on black Paint? Adhesive?, over concrete. I just find it so interesting that cloth was used in an eating area at all, sealed or not.


Part of a wall outside. I am endlessly fascinated by green things that grow, but that is most likely because I currently reside in a barren wasteland of a desert.

I have been working on some art journal pages, but I’ll post them later, once I get caught up on Journal 52 (no worries, only a week behind there) and I’ll share some fun stuff I made on my Midwest adventures…

Oh! And these “background” shots will someday become part of future art I WILL CREATE!


(Happy 4th of July, y’all…be safe and eat MUCH BBQ!)

Journal 52 catch up

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Week 23: Small Success
I was on vacation from 6/6 to 6/24 so just getting anything done  (while thoroughly enjoying my visits with my very best friends) in my journal was a real accomplishment.
Random ephemera, sharpees, gel pens,   and stickers.


Week 24: Silly Zoo Animals.
Totally phoned this one in, but I’m  OK with it since I PLAY and I do NOT have to be “perfect”.
Watercolors,  sharpees and gel pens, and magazine clippings.


Week 25: Questions & Answers. I really like this spread because I feel like I successfully captured some of the gorgeous colors of the Kansas hills where I was able to visit and camp. As I presently reside in the desert (it’s practically a cartoon, how the desert looks) the colors of the Kansas country were positively saturated by comparison.
This was done with my little travel watercolor set and waterbrushes, and the writing was done with gel pen.
My best friend’s 5 year old daughter quizzed me and I HAD to document some small aspect of the awesomeness that is Jane.

Postcards = Happy Mail!

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I am on the train toward my vacation, and since it’s dark, I thought I’d update y’all on the postcard love.


These are the latest four (4!) I have received. The white one is embossed with music


and the “Life” card has lace sewn onto it, and


I feel pretty special that the “Spring” card is from iHanna herself! 20150605_234944-1 All told, I’ve received 7 out of ten cards already and I have to say that this is getting more fun each time I participate in the swap.

I AM on vacation for the next 2 weeks and, while I’ll be unplugged and/or camping part of the time, I plan on making MUCH art. I’ll  be visiting my 2 best friends and one is an art major so I hope to see some great art, be inspired,  and play with my art too!

Journal 52 – Week 22

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Week 22

I HAVE to say that I really like how this one turned out!

I really, truly had that moment that the big Art Journal creators talk about…where I worked on an idea, got to the point of HATING it, but kept going until I ended up with something I LOVE!

(seriously…I DREW a book.)

That’s a BIG deal for me…cuz I don’t draw…wait…I can’t say that anymore.

What! I KNOW it’s just a book, but I. DREW. IT.

That’s not a stencil. Or a stamp.